Charity:Water Launches $1.3 Million Effort for an "Unshaken" Haiti (Video)

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Today, partly in honor of World Water Day, charity: water has launched a new campaign for Haiti called Unshaken. As the nonprofit notes, 1.3 million people were displaced from Port-au-Prince to the rural areas of Haiti, so they've selected eleven of those areas and committed to help at least 40,000 people get clean water. They've created an incredible platform to tell the story, which is much needed because in order to accomplish the goal, they need to raise $1.3 million. It sounds like a serious challenge in our tight economic times, but the charity has reached, and surpassed, more audacious goals than this in the past. Check out the incredible video they've created, and three ways you can help even if you can't spare a financial donation.

Unshaken - charity: water's campaign for Haiti from charity: water on Vimeo.

From charity: water:

UNSHAKEN tells the stories of eleven areas that have swelled with those displaced since the earthquake and now need long-term water solutions more than ever. From eight-year-old Louis Mackenzie in Kenpech, who relies on a dwindling bottled water supply, to 17-year-old Kiesha Michele, who slept on the streets after her home was destroyed and now lives on an island with only stagnant ponds and unprotected springs - these stories are the basis of the UNSHAKEN campaign. Beginning Monday, each region's story, complete with photos and GPS coordinates, will be published on the UNSHAKEN campaign site. In the coming months, charity: water plans to raise $1.3 million to serve more than 40,000 people in these areas with clean, safe drinking water. 100% of the funds raised will directly fund water projects on the ground.

Here's how you can help, even if you're short on spare change:

If you're a Twitter user, you can do a lot to help spread the word about charity:water's effort. Tweet out a message like:
- The #unshaken video from @charitywater came out today. Haiti needs water for years to come.
- Best way to celebrate #WWD? Help @charitywater fund sustainable water projects in Haiti. #unshaken
- Today is World Water Day - see what my friends at @charitywater are up to today:

Who doesn't have a Facebook account these days? You can help drive traffic to the new website by linking to it on your profile.

Even if you are short on funds, you can help get others on board with funneling money toward the effort. Charity: water notes that Invisible Children kicked Unshaken off with a $100,000 gift, and Urban Outfitters committed $30,000. If you have, or have access to, a business or philanthropist that is itching for a good cause, this is it. Charity: water is hoping to get both companies and their employees engaged int the program.

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