Camelbak Introduces Genderbender Free Bottles


We are big on carrying your own instead of buying bottled water, but what kind of bottle? We have suggested earlier that it was time to ditch the Nalgene polycarbonate bottles because of the possible leaching of Bisphenol A. This gender-bender mimics estrogen and could be causing all kinds of problems in men, such as breast enlargement and reduced sperm counts, and that they might make you fat.. (Some have ditched their Nalgenes for other reasons)

We had few alternatives other than Sigg metal bottles; Now, Camelbak is launching a line of bottles made from Eastman Tritan copolyester, a new material that works in molds designed for polycarbonates but that is completely Bisphenol A free.

"Consumers have been asking for a BPA-free alternative with the strength, clarity and vibrant color of polycarbonate bottles," said Sally McCoy, CamelBak CEO. "We're very happy to be the first company to give them that choice."

Too bad they are not available until February. ::Camelbak

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