Camelbak Get Over the Hump of BPA with Stainless Steel Bottles

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When all the fuss about Bisphenol-A (BPA) leaching from polycarbonate (aka Lexan) drink bottles came to light, one of the first to switch production to the apparently more benign Tritan plastic was Camelbak. When your business for almost 20 years has been making it easier for people on the go to drink fluids, you have good reason to respond to the concerns of your customers.

Many thirsty active people reacted to the BPA issue by moving to stainless steel. Now Camelbak have too. They say the bottles are "Made from medical-grade stainless steel, with no inner liners or plastic coatings that aluminum bottles require." This is probably a bit of a jibe at the Swiss company Sigg, who aren't at liberty to say whether the lining of their very popular aluminium bottles contains BPA or not. (Even Sigg have entered the stainless steel bottle market.)

That's not to suggest that stainless steel doesn't have its own closet of skeletons. The piece in last months New York Times by Daniel Goleman and Gregory Norris takes on that question of: "is stainless steel really better than plastic?"

But certainly a long lasting, reusable bottle is better than single-use disposable bottled water or energy drink. And stainless steel is nothing, if not durable. Camelbaks offerings come in half and three quarter volumes with single and insulated double wall offerings.

Moving to stainless steel does not remove plastic from the equation though. Camelbak employ polypropylene, silicone and polyethylene to conjure up a lid which is spill proof, and contains an integrated straw so you don't have to tilt the bottle to slurp from it. They are keen to point out that these plastics are all are BPA- and phthalate-free.

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