Buy a T-Shirt, Give the Gift of 25 Years of Clean Water

We live in an age where we can stream live videos right from our phones, order any product we want from the comfort of our couch and get it delivered to our front door, and play games in realtime against opponents on the other side of the world, using computers as small as a notebook.

But we also live in an age where over a billion people still don't have access to clean water in their daily lives, and a time when diarrhea claims the lives of 30,000 people every week due to contaminated water and inadequate sanitation.

There are plenty of worthy organizations working on global water issues, so there's no shortage of places to donate your money toward those efforts, but for people who want to wear their heart on their sleeve, a t-shirt from ThirstTees might be just the ticket.

The purchase of one shirt will help to fund the cost of providing clean drinking water to one person for 25 years:

"We have partnered with Thirst Relief International, a charity that builds wells and biosand filters throughout Africa, India and South America. Their operation costs are fully funded by private donors, so all public donations go directly to water projects. We donate a portion of each shirt sold to Thirst Relief in order to fund their water projects. Working with Thirst Relief, we know the cost of building a well and biosand filter and the number of people who have access to them. Based on those numbers, we donate enough per shirt to give one person access to clean, drinkable water. The biosand filters and wells last for 25 years or longer." - ThirstTees

ThirstTees shirts are all printed on 100% ring-spun cotton American Apparel or Next Level Apparel tees. The production of the shirts is WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production), an organization dedicated to the certification of lawful, humane and ethical manufacturing.

So if you'd like to help fight the global water crisis, and get a cool t-shirt to promote the issue to your community, consider picking up a shirt from ThirstTees (or giving one as a gift!).

Buy a T-Shirt, Give the Gift of 25 Years of Clean Water
Help fund solutions to the global water crisis by purchasing a t-shirt from a company that donates to Thirst Relief for each shirt sold - enough money per shirt to give one person access to clean, drinkable water for 25 years!

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