Brooklyn's Polluted Water Worries Run So High, You Can Get Arrested for Swimming

brooklyn bridge photo

Photo by Bernt Rostad via Flickr CC

It's one thing to have the frustration that the only water around to play in on a hot day is filthy. It's a whole other frustration to be arrested for even trying! But that's what happened when two Brooklyn beaches closed down thanks to suspected sewage spills. The New York Daily News reports that after beach goers were told to stay out of the water, one man still went in to take a dip, and landed in the tank.

He was cited for failing to comply with an officer, said Meghan Lalor, a spokeswoman with the city Parks Department. The city closed the surf at Manhattan Beach and Coney Island Beach, which remained opened for sunbathing only. Tests will be done daily to determine when the beaches can reopen, a Parks spokesperson said.

Ahhh, the joys of an aging wastewater infrastructure that leaks sewage into popular water ways. It's a concern everywhere. For instance, San Francisco-based organizations work to help slow spills by keeping tabs on when and where they happen so infrastructure can be more closely monitored. But still, sewage is a top cause of health dangers at beaches.

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