Body wash beads contaminate the Great Lakes

Great Lakes
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Plastic pollution in our oceans and lakes is a big problem, with discarded plastics forming gyres bigger than states. But tiny plastics can be a problem too.

Researchers have found that the plastic balls used as exfoliants in body scrubs are polluting the Great Lakes. Scientific American reports:

"They are too tiny for water treatment plants to filter, so they wash down the drain and into the Great Lakes. The biggest worry: fish such as yellow perch or turtles and seagulls think of them as dinner. If fish or birds eat the inert beads, the material can deprive them of nutrients from real food or get lodged in their stomachs or intestines, blocking digestive systems."

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What can you do? Consider switching to a body wash that uses natural ingredients or try one of our DIY salt and sugar scrub recipes.

Body wash beads contaminate the Great Lakes
Exfoliating body wash may make you clean, but it's making the lake water dirty.