Bilt Stainless Steel Water Bottles Avoid Toxic BPA

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Most every time we do post on the chemical Bisphenol A and how its apparent toxicity has reshaped the polycarbonate (Lexan) water bottle market, a commenter chimes in saying how wonderful their stainless steel Kleen Kanteen bottles are. Well, the market abhors a vacuum, even a partial one, so you can bet Kleen Kanteen (and Guyot Designs) won't have the sandpit to play in all by themselves.

Bilt is one of the latest to join the game. This Vancouver, Canada based company have a wide range of stainless steel bottles in various sizes and colours. They sport a threaded collar and lid of food grade polypropylene plastic. The wide mouth versiosn are said to fit most backcountry water filters that were designed around the ubiquitous polycarbonate Nalgene bottle. Bilt's bottle itself is of type 304 stainless steel. The company says the inside of their bottles are "finished using an electrolyte charge and dolomitic sand blasting; unlike aluminum bottles that need an inner coating lacquer containing BPA."

Additionally Bilt publish their values and code of conduct on their website, and if your outdoor activities are of the sweaty kind they also offer the classic bandanna in organic cotton.

::Bilt, via Outdoor Foundation.

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