Bigger Water Bottles Filling Bins

If one has to drink bottled water, the most efficient way is with the big 18 litre jugs that go on water coolers and are returned and refilled. Yet the bottled water companies are moving in with monster 15 litre non-reuseable PET jugs, that get landfilled or recycled at taxpayers expense. Fernbrook Springs president Bob Elliot says "To continue to collect reusable water cooler jugs would be as inefficient and old fashioned "as the old milk delivery system of the 1950s,"

The companies say that the bottles are recyclable but they are too big. "Our mechanical sorting equipment can't deal with them," Peel Region waste management director Andrew Pollock said of Peel's $20 million recycling plant, which opened last spring, the most modern such facility in the province. "So (the eight- and 15-litre jugs) actually have to be manually picked up," he said. "They end up in the garbage."

They also fill up the blue box and the garbage truck. ::The Star and ::the Gazette

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