Aquastore in Rome

If you have travelled through Rome's main train station recently, you may have noticed a well-lit, modern store selling nothing but...water. You have arrived at the AQUA Store. We can forgive the inefficiency of bottled water over the excellent water available from the tap (the Romans have a long history of bringing water efficiently to the people after all), in light of the fact that even healthy, tasty water can give a traveller unaccustomed to the local microscopic beasties a bit of a belly-ache. It is unfortunate, though, that with a plethora of Italian waters available, the AQUA store finds it necesary to offer famous brands imported from France, Germany and the UK among others.

But the AQUA store is more than just a water bar:
Clear descriptions in great technical detail on panels throughout the store facilitate selection from amongst the multitude of brands displayed. And if that is not enough, service agents stand ready to advise on which water is best for a queasy tummy or to fuel a hike of the seven hills. Or which water will taste best with your Aubergine sandwich, or with the pasta and pesto recipe you are planning to use to impress your Italian friends. (Advisory warning: there is a school of thought among some Italians that drinking water with a meal dilutes the stomach's juices and causes bad digestion. In such a case: serve a glass of water with the expresso, after the meal.)

In addition to offering a refreshing, healthy and natural beverage to the tired masses thronging through Rome's Termini train station, AQUA Store offers an interactive informative/educational experience through the touch-screen "AQUA" software designed under the direction of Dr. Alessandro Zanasi, Professsor of Hydrology and member of the Italian national association "Risorsa Acqua" (Water Resource), a branch of the International Water Academy in Oslo, Norway. The multimedia program acquaints visitors and customers with the secrets of water and includes a test which will answer the most important question: which is the ideal water for me? This question is answered with consideration of a person's culinary habits, lifestyle, possible illnesses or maladies. Additionally, the service agents at the store are
So if you get to Rome, join the 1500 visitors daily who stop by the AQUA store. And until then, if you read Italian, check out the AQUA store web site here.