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ARRGH!!! Just when we think the message is getting through about bottled water, now we have the pure convenience of aseptic packaging! For water! Tetrapak aseptic packaging was designed for liquids like milk or juices that qo bad quickly; they are made of layers of polyethylene and aluminum foil and virgin pulp (the so-called renewable resource.) They are recyclable by pulping and separating, using lots of hot water and producing low grade downcycled material; it is rarely done in North America. Yet Aqua2go calls it sustainable packaging: "Sustainability satisfies the environmental, societal and economic needs of today without compromising those of future generations. Unlike cans or bottles, the Tetra Brikā„¢ Aseptic package is among the most sustainable packages on the market today. 70-85% of the cartons are made from wood -- a renewable resource."

And it is being sold to Whole Foods and other organic food stores by Tree of Life, an organic distributor, all of who should know better. Tap water, put through a reverse osmosis purifier, and expensively overpackaged. But it is pure convenience! ::Aqua2go via ::Sustainable is Good and ::Hugg