75% Decline in Monsoon Rainfall Leaves Mumbai High & Dry

mumbai photo

photo: Sajjad Lambe via flickr

Having only received 25% of the 
monsoonal rainfall normally expected by this time of the year Mumbai, India is experiencing "acute water shortages" for the first time in living memory, the BBC reports. This has caused city officials to reduce water supplies by 30%, impacting households as well as hospitals and hotels: One Lake Has Two Week Supply Remaining
Mumbai's water supply comes from five main lakes, all of which are replenished by seasonal rainfall and have water levels 4-10 meters lower than last year. One lake is so depleted that it has water sufficient to last three weeks, with two others having water sufficient for about two months.

Water Supply Reduced to 45 Minutes a Day
The BBC quotes a south Mumbai resident as saying that the supply cuts means that her house gets only about 45 minutes of water a day now.

The fact that she only received running water for two hours prior to the cuts says something about the adequacy of Mumbai's water to serve its 20 million residents, but that's talking things further afield.

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