50 Ways to Save Your Water


The folks at Consumer Reports have been making an effort to be a little greener for a while now, with resources like their "Greener Choices" section and projects like the realistic gas mileage tests. Their latest effort is a list of 50 ways to save water, and it includes a bevy of easy, quick ideas to insure that more water doesn't go down the drain than it should. Featured on the list are some that we've trumpeted before, like using low-flow showerheads and taking care to use the dishwasher correctly. If the quick fixes are too easy for you, they also offer ideas for long term investment in water efficiency, including some good ideas for further research and some interesting stats on where all our water goes (14% of it leaks!). Worth a look, especially for anyone doing a little home improvement this weekend. ::Consumer Reports via ::Hippyshopper