4,000 Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles Get a Helping Hand Out to Sea

loggerhead turtle photo

Image via brian.gratwicke via Flickr CC

One of the most dangerous parts of a sea turtle's life is getting from the nest where it hatched out into the open ocean. The event is even more worrisome when you're an endangered species, such as is the case with loggerheads. So it's exciting to say that thanks to the help of 70 volunteers, more than 4,000 loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings made it out to sea. Turtle Care Sunshine Coast and Coolum Coast Care tracked 56 nesting sites this year along Sunshine Coast in Australia, helping protect them from predators during incubation, then helping the baby turtles hatching from the nests make it safely to the water.

Getting a helping hand like this from some dedicated volunteers is important for the species, which is listed as endangered due to several environmental issues including being caught as by-catch and other fishing activity.

Hats off to the volunteers. You can do a lot to help sea turtles as well, and you don't even have to spend a night on a beach.

Via Ecoworldly
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