Zumbox Makes Paperless Postal Service Possible

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Businesses wanting to go paperless can wipe their brows and say, "Phew!" Zumbox, a paperless postal service, has just launched - and that means your home's mailbox is on the web. But no, it's not email. It's actual post mail. Read on for how this revolutionary system works. Zumbox is the first all-digital online alternative to the traditional paper postal service, and if you have a street address, you can already start using it.

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What is Zumbox
What Zumbox has done is given every US street address an online mailbox. Businesses, retail stores, banks, non-profits, your mom and anyone else who sends you mail through the postal service now has the opportunity to sign up with Zumbox and send that mail electronically - taking the paper right out of postal services.

Why Zumbox Is Not e-Mail
What makes this different from email is that it is based on street addresses, and that it is entirely secure. Many businesses have a hard time going paperless because their databases are based on street addresses. Emails are too hard to track, update, confirm, and are not secure, so mailing paper and envelopes is still the primary way to ensure important data gets to recipients. But Zumbox is based on a person's permanent mailing address - exactly what businesses need - and is entirely secure, so that sensitive information can still be sent and received with confidence.

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"The paper mail delivery system has not fundamentally changed for two centuries and is a complete disconnect from the digital world," said Maury Friedman, founder of Zumbox and successful serial entrepreneur. "Zumbox provides the technology that gives both senders and recipients of paper mail the power to migrate to the digital world. People are ready for a solution that will enable them to benefit from a platform that transforms mail into a rich digital offering, while using the same street addresses to deliver the same mail content."

Going Paperless Takes Time
It will, of course, still be a slow transition to paperless. Zumbox is a great tool to get started, but a mass migration to the service will take time. And most likely a business will not be able to go 100% paperless any time in the near future. But with the postal service already looking at cutting down delivery days, and businesses looking to cut costs wherever they can, including mailings, Zumbox might be making an appearance at just the right time.

Zumbox is putting parameters in place to sqash any potential for junk mail, and marketers and advertisers are the only clients being charged for the service, which will also help cut down on junk mail and promote use by other organizations.

It's a pretty big step for paperless mailboxes. If you're interested in checking it out, you just might want to use it to send out your Valentines Day cards!

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