Zumbox + Greenopia: Paperless Postal Mail for Green Businesses

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Image via Zumbox

Zumbox and Greenopia have teamed up to put local green businesses front and center in the consumer eyes, while also helping those businesses go paperless in their mailings. The paperless postal mail service Zumbox will help Greenopia's rated green businesses, starting first in the San Francisco and New York areas, so neither customers nor businesses have to deal with paper junk mail anymore. If you remember from earlier this year, Zumbox is the first all-digital online alternative to the traditional paper postal service, and if you have a street address, you can already start using it. Businesses, retail stores, banks, non-profits, your mom and anyone else who sends you mail through the postal service now has the opportunity to sign up with Zumbox and send that mail electronically - taking the paper right out of postal services.

And Greenopia publishes local guides to green businesses, organizations, and service providers for San Francisco, New York City, and Los Angeles. So, the partnership between the two - connecting green businesses to a paperless postal service - seems ideal.

"Zumbox is the solution that Greenopia and our merchants have always needed but wasn't available," said Greenopia CEO and Founder Gay Browne. "For those who send paper mail, it's an easy way to reduce their environmental impact by transitioning to a paperless system. And for reaching local customers, there is no more efficient way than sending paperless mail to a mailing list or geographic radius via Zumbox. This can include menus, coupons, and other types of offers that a local business can make available to its immediate neighbors on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. So we are very enthusiastic about making Zumbox available to merchants as a revolutionary new marketing tool. Zumbox can truly become the backbone of the buy local and shop local movements."

As part of the partnership, Greenopia is delivering locally relevant content to residents in San Francisco and New York City via Zumbox. The company is also promoting Zumbox to consumers on its website and via e-mail to its merchants.

So yes, it's basically junk mail, but it's paperless mail about local green businesses - it's tough to get mad about that.

If you're interested in getting your Zumbox mail, just head over to their site. If you're in the San Francisco or New York area, you just might see some mail about green businesses waiting for you.

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