Zipcar iPhone App Makes Car-Sharing Even Better (as Long as You Don't Abuse Remote Honking)

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Car-Sharing Goes High-Tech
Car-sharing is a great way to have most of the benefits or owning a car without most of the downsides. Zipcar, one of the heavy-hitters of the car-sharing world, has released a new iPhone and iPod Touch free app that will make interacting with the company's reservation service and vehicles better than ever, and that's good news because the more attractive and convenient car-sharing becomes, the more cars we can take off our roads.
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Some Features of the Zipcar iPhone App
The most obvious - and useful - feature is the ability to see Zipcar locations near you. The app displays a map and green pins indicate where the cars are. You can also search for cars using a zip code or a street address.

But it's not only about the spatial dimension (geography), it's also about the temporal dimension (time). You can do a search by time, to see which cars should be available, say, tonight at 8 PM.

You can also look up certain models of cars. Absolutely want a Prius? No problem.

Once you've found the Zipcar you want, you can book it using the iPhone app. You can even unlock the car remotely, or make it honk (if you can't find it, I suppose).

You can get the ZipCar iPhone app here.

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