Zip-Shelter: Housing For Those Without


A shame this design is only in the protoyping stage or its ‘rapidly deployable’ nature could be getting some real world field testing right now. Conceived by 5 professional designers in Germany, the Zip-Shelter has both sub zero and hot climate versions. Looks like a heap of research has gone into the design, with the originators gleaning ideas from trialling shelters from Vietnam to 4000m high mountains. The idea is that 75 Zips (two different sizes) would squeeze into a standard 20 foot shipping container. That's housing for 450 people. If vehicular road access is lost, the Zips can be transported about on foot. The plan is to make them out of laminated, three layer, bio-polymer composite sheets, using something like coconut fiber, but they are still searching for the right fabricator to make it all happen. The panels zip together (fancy that!), creating an instant shelter for up to 10 people. When permanent housing is available the materials can be unzipped and reused. Another gem rifled from the treasure chest of community based design winners at ::Index 2005