YOU Could be the Next Big Thing in the Green Gadget Industry

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Photo of what your desk could look like as you're inventing the next most amazing green gadget via saschapohflepp

With two new gadget design competitions coming up, you could be the next big thing to hit the green gadget industry if you put on your thinking cap!

Greener Gadgets is looking for your entry and gadget design that addresses major environmental issues like energy use, toxicity, and more, and is dangling $3,000 in front of you as a nice fat carrot.

Or, if you're more into figuring out cool uses of OLED technology, the CombOLED Project has something right up your alley.

Read on for more about these competitions and how you can get involved in changing the electronics industry. About Greener Gadgets Design Competition:

Create the greenest blueprint solving issues behind energy, carbon footprint, health and toxicity, product lifestyle or social development. No easy task, but we're calling on students, emerging designers, and even you seasoned firms out there to bring us your budding new ideas and most verdant developments...The top 50 entries will be published online for voting and comment.

You'll earn bucks and clout by letting your brain run away with a green idea!

About the OLED Design Competition:

The new "OLED Design Contest — CombOLED Edition" is now ready to give you the opportunity to rule your lighting future shaping applications using unique low-cost transparent OLED devices. This contest is opened to everybody from students to professionals with the aim to help you express your revolutionary vision of light. You'll have the chance to win a consistent award and, more than that, to have your ideas realized as demonstrator from the Consortium partners.

Design categories include mood lighting, static signage, and low-content information display. Check out their PDF brochure for more.

So, if you're bored or a budding inventor, here are a couple shots for you to make a difference in green technology and get rewarded for it.

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