Yes, the Climate Change 'Hockey Stick' Still Stands


This Graph is Right On
Michael Mann was one of the scientists at the center of the so-called 'Climate Gate' controversy, and as the author of the famous 'hockey stick' graph (the one above, displaying clearly that the temperatures we're currently experiencing are anomalous, and hotter than the last 2,000 years) is a favorite target of climate denier attacks. Well, guess what folks -- finally, an Investigative Committee of faculty charged with determining the strength and quality of Mann's research, and whether he had engaged in any wrongdoing, has passed down its long-awaited decision. And yes, Mann has been completely vindicated -- and as well as the famous 'hockey stick.'He was already exonerated from many of the most serious charges, but now the vindication is complete. From Climate Progress:
Few if any American climate scientists have been as falsely accused -- and thoroughly vindicated -- over both their academic practices and scientific results as Dr. Michael Mann.

Today, Penn State issued its final and complete exoneration (click here) of Dr. Michael Mann in the matter of his scientific practices "for proposing, conducting, or reporting research," primarily related to the famous -- and thoroughly vindicated -- Hockey Stick. We can be more confident than ever that the "Earth is hotter now than in the past 2,000 years"

And here's a more detailed version of that graph:


The report has thoroughly cleared Mann of wrongdoing -- or of engaging in shoddy science in any form, really. Here's an excerpt:

"An Investigatory Committee of faculty members with impeccable credentials" has unanimously "determined that Dr. Michael E. Mann did not engage in, nor did he participate in, directly or indirectly, any actions that seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting, or reporting research, or other scholarly activities."

Here's the panel's full report. As Climate Progress notes, countless media sources now definitely owe Mann an apology, and should reaffirm the value of his work. In a just world, we'd be seeing this story on the WSJ and Fox News and the numerous other outlets that jumped on the Climate Gate bandwagon. In a just world.

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