Yay! Record High for Rechargeable Battery Recycling Thanks to Big Box Stores

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Photo by billbooz via Flickr CC

Thanks to the efforts of big name retailers, battery recycling is at a record high. Call2Recycle notes that The Home Depot, Apple Computer, RadioShack, Lowe's, Interstate All Battery Center and RONA together collected 20% more batteries for recycling in 2009 than in 2008.According to Earth911, Call2Recycle saw a fantastic increase in battery recycling despite the fact that there were lower sales last year. In total, the organization managed to pile up 6.1 million pounds of rechargeable batteries in 2009. That's not a record for the weight of batteries collected, but the fact that collection efforts have risen by about 20% from these companies in a year is fantastic. Overall, the group saw a 6.9% increase in battery collection, including the efforts of municipalities and communities along with retailers.

"Despite last year's lower sales of batteries and the products that use them, we're recycling more batteries than ever thanks to retailers that have embraced their role as environmental stewards," says Carl Smith, president and CEO of RBRC, which operates Call2Recycle.

Millions upon millions of pounds of batteries are avoiding the landfill as their final resting place, which is a really big deal. Battery recycling can be a tricky deal, with regulations differing among the states - some calling them hazardous materials and some not. To see a nationwide boost is excellent, and it means less lead and other hazardous materials hitting groundwater and leaching into soil.

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