Yamaha's Folding Seated Electric Scooter

Check out this amazing seated electric scooter by Yamaha that actually folds in half! It is being hyped as both an Object d' Art for your home (in its folded format), and a zippy commuter scooter when in use (it has a 'smart power' electric motor, based on something called the Passol motor unit).

The Frame, Electric Battery and Motor

Free of petrol and oil apparently, its die-cast aluminum provides the curves and a Lithium-ion battery feeds the "permanent magnet synchronous motor".

Yamaha's Other Funky Seated Scooters

Not wanting it to be an only child, Yamaha also spawned the FC-06 and Pocke (see pics below).

The FC-06 uses something that Yamaha are calling a "hyper direct methanol type fuel cell" and seemingly it can even double as an emergency AC power source.


The other funky eco child is the Pocke electric scooter, which we have noted before here on TreeHugger.


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