Yahoo! Challenges DIYers for The Next Big Consumable

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Yahoo! Green has a new campaign called Make It Green, which promotes getting super creative about green projects. It's a competition worth $2,500 and a share in future product sales for the winner. But, there's a bit of a catch. Good Clean Tech points out that there's a $10 submission fee for offsetting the costs of reviewing all the submissions. You'd think a company the size of Yahoo! would be able to cover that. We suppose it helps to weed out the lamer projects, and folks who aren't taking it all that seriously. Edison Nation will be doing the reviewing the projects, selecting the winner, and putting the design onto shelves.

While the campaign is neat, and encourages people to think about greener ways of doing things, we're a bit curious on why the ideas have to become a product. After all, isn't the point of DIY ideas to come up with something that a person can make themselves? Couldn't a DIYer entering the contest provide downloadable how-to instructions, rather than something to be produced and consumed?

At any rate, if you want to have your say in what is the coolest project, you can vote! Everything from repurposed wrapping paper to a solar clothes dryer have made their way into the contest. Fifteen ideas have already been submitted - all vying to be the next cool green product put on store shelves - and yours could be added into that. The submission deadline isn't until June 30th if you've got a killer idea you think should be part of the contest.

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