XBOX Kinect Launch in Times Square Powered by Biofuel

All Access to Kinect Launch in NYC photo

Credit: Neil Chambers

In the middle of Times Square on a cold November evening, XBOX launched its new controller-free gaming system Kinect. In NYC fashion, it was a gigantic party with lights, cameras, hundreds of dancers, performances by Ne-Yo and Lady Sovereign, and thousands of people in the crowd. But for the greenies in the audience, the excitement was not on stage. It was behind the scenes. The entire celebration was powered with 100% biodiesel by GreeNow.
Chris Wangro talking about GreeNow
XBOX 360 took over Times Square for the launch blocking three to four blocks of traffic. Set from 45th St to 42nd St were huge dance areas for more than a hundred dancers to display the array of options available while using Kinect. The makers of Kinect forecast the system to sell-out during the holiday season.

dancers-at-kinect-launch-event photo

Source: YoursTruly

At the stroke of midnight on November 4, 2010, shoppers had their first chance to buy Kinect at the Toys R Us store in Times Square. But for me, GreeNow stole the show by giving me a chance to see how any event can be 80 to 85% cleaner using only biodiesel.

Wangro answers the question: How Clean is it?

According to Chris Wangro, a partner of the company, GreeNow got started little more than 3 years ago - and has double and triple their business ever sense. The biofuel is state of the art B100 Pure Biodiesel - grown in the United States, distilled in New York City and made from soybean husks. Aaron Levinthal, another partner at GreeNow, owns 11 generators that only use biodiesel. The Kinect event needed 8 of their 11 generators to power the lights, cameras and action (just around 2000kW potential).

Video of Aaron Levinthal talking Biofuel Energy

GreeNow has also powered visits from the Pope, events at the White House and multiple musically concerts around the country.

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