X Prize "Crazy Green Idea" Competition Winner Announced

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Back in November we wrote about the X Prize's newest competition for deciding the next X Prize competition. The goal was to come up with a green theme that inventors and entrepreneurs would pursue for an X Prize.

The winner of that competition has been announced! Read on to find out what crazy green idea will be the focus of a $10 million prize.Capturing a major resume booster and a check for $25,000, UC Irvine students Kyle Good and Bryan Le are the winners of X PRIZE Foundation's "What's Your Crazy Green Idea?" competition.

Their idea is to get innovative people to develop the next major break in storage - the ultracapacitor. Considering that's something everyone wants and needs a boost from inventors, it's no wonder it generated the most votes from viewers.

About the winning entry:

"We're so excited to be the winners of the 'Crazy Green Idea' contest. It's an honor that seems too good to be true," said Kyle Good. "We'll never forget this experience."

"I've always admired the X PRIZE Foundation and the way they've tackled some of humanity's biggest challenges," said Bryan Le. "I'm looking forward to seeing how our idea develops into an Energy and Environment X PRIZE."

More on the Challenge, and the announcement of the winner:

Now all we're waiting for is the launch of this new X Prize! It'll be a tough one. Here are the guidelines of the challenge:
Use only self-contained capacitors.
Exceed the energy density of average lead-acid batteries.
Fully recharge under one minute and up to 500,000 cycles.
Be completely recyclable and incorporate non-toxic materials.
Cost less than two times the price of average lead-acid batteries.

Inventors, put your thinking caps on!

Via X Prize Foundation

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