WWF Document Format Saves Paper By Refusing To Let You Print

save as wwf image

There are gads of programs, downloads, and even fonts that help you conserve paper when you print. And there are those little taglines on emails that encourage readers to think before printing. However, there is one new strategy from WWF that really gets people to stop printing. They've created a software program that allows you to save a document as a file that literally cannot be printed out. Talk about cutting off the problem at the source!

The software is a free download, and is compatible with Macs, though a Windows version is on its way. When choosing a file format for saving a document, you simply select WWF, and it does the rest. Whether it will really take off or not is up for debate -- people like to at least have the option of printing something if needed. But with the growing prevelence of reading devices like iPads and e-readers, the idea of the success of a file format that can't be printed out is intriguing!

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