WTF? Teens Purchase iPad Just to Smash It With A Baseball Bat

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In order to be the very first to destroy an iPad, some teens waited in line, purchased one, and immediately went outside the store where they smashed it to bits with a baseball bat. Why? Justin Kockott, one of the teens behind the stunt, told the newspaper, "It was just something to do." Perhaps this is just the easiest way to highlight how little we a) appreciate our electronics and the sheer amount of resources that go into them; b) understand the amount of damage done that extends beyond destroying the device itself; and c) just how utterly wasteful some Americans can be.

Fox News reports that three teens recorded the destruction of their newly purchased gadget and posted the video to the YouTube video sharing site, where it's gone viral, having attracted nearly 280,000 views since April 3.

I should temper myself here, but what the heck is wrong with these kids?!?

"I knew some people would hate it, but I didn't think that many people would hate it," he said. "A lot of people are leaving really bad comments" on YouTube, he pointed out.

Um yeah - there's a reason for those "really bad comments." It's because you just wasted goodness knows how much energy and materials put into one of these devices. FOR NO REASON. This joker and cohorts need to go tour some of the horrendous precious metal mines, the manufacturing facilities, an e-waste dump and get first hand experience with how much goes into creating and disassembling one of these devices so that they begin to grasp that this is not funny.

And secondly, how much money do they have?!?

Kockott told the Los Angeles Times he doesn't have a beef with Apple or anything - he had actually bought two other iPads.

I think I will never understand this odd fascination people have with destroying perfectly good stuff - another prime example being Will It Blend, which of course has tried out the iPad in a blender. Grrr.

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WTF? Teens Purchase iPad Just to Smash It With A Baseball Bat

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