World's First Green Search Engine Launches Tree-Planting Email Service

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Treehoo already made it onto one of our lists of top green search engines last year, but this latest move might bump it farther up to the top. The tree-minded search engine has added an email service with the plan to put half of the profit the company makes from advertising towards planting trees in the third world - an amount equivalent to about one tree for every 20 emails sent by users. The email service launched in conjunction with the start of Copenhagen talks on Monday. Considering the massive number of emails sent daily (and the amount of carbon emissions stemming from data centers) ensuring that trees are planted with profits gained from using the service could mean a lot to the forests in developing countries, as well as the global carbon emissions level. The site reports that so far, over 10,000 trees have been planted through profits made from searches, and adding the email service will help boost that number.

Treehoo founder Pedro Bentancour Garin states in a press release, "[T]o reforest our planet is the only viable way to stop global warming," adding "new trees are our only mean to capture the carbon we already have emitted which is causing the climate change."

Simply planting trees with money made from search engines isn't a complete solution to changing carbon levels in our atmosphere, no matter how enthusiastic a company like Treehoo is about their plan. Adding green features to data centers, such as powering it with renewable energy, using energy efficient equipment, and housing the servers in an energy efficient building are all vital parts of lowering the impact of our computer use. Treehoo doesn't readily disclose information about that, but considering they're based in Stockholm, Sweden where renewables and energy efficiency are the norm, the company itself sounds like a great one to use for green searches and now green mail.

Focusing more on how data centers run will have an equal, if not bigger overall impact than planting trees, but we'll never turn down a new tree when offered!

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