World's First 24-Cylinder Gas Engine


This monster 24-cylinder engine, powered by natural gas, will achieve a total efficiency level of more than 85% when it goes into service growing tomatoes. GE Energy will deliver two 4-MW Jenbacher J624 GS engines delivered to Royal Pride Holland's Middenmeer greenhouse operations 50 km north of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The installation is a "pilot project" to demonstrate the viability of the new engine. The 24-cylinder engine endured nearly a year of bench testing at GE Energy's gas engine manufacturing center in Jenbach, Austria. The engine will be utilized in GE's special cogeneration-CO2 fertilization technology, which was developed at GE's Jenbacher horticultural applications center of excellence in The Netherlands. The cogeneration-CO2 fertilzation system boosts the total efficiency of the engine to 85% by using the thermal power as well as the electrial power, and by pumping the engine's own CO2 emissions back into the greenhouse to promote plant growth. The electricity generated in excess of Royal Pride Holland's lighting and heating needs will be fed back into the local grid.

Jenbacher engines can operate on a variety of specialty fuels, including flare gas and coal mine gas or alternative fuels like biogas, landfill gas, wood gas, sewage gas and industrial waste gas.

Via ::GE Energy

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