World First: Environmental Law Appeal To Be Argued Over Twitter

Twitter has been used for many amazing social events, but what about the arguing of an environmental law? West Coast Environmental Law is going to host the first ever moot court held on Twitter, so everyone can watch as law students pick apart or defend an environmental law.

On Tuesday, February 21st, 2012 at 10am PST the moot court -- a simulated court hearing -- will begin. Law students from 5 prominent Canadian law schools, including British Columbia, Dalhousie, Ottawa, Victoria and York (Osgoode Hall), are set to compete. They'll be presenting their arguments over Twitter in a simulated appeal of an actual court case: West Moberly First Nations v. British Columbia. This case will bring awareness to an Aboriginal Nation fighting against coal mining.

Lawyers are not typically known for brevity, so this will be a fascinating challenge. How do you make an argument in 140 characters? That's a tough question, but worth the struggle since social media is the perfect platform to raise issues and get people interested.

Jessica Clogg, Executive Director of West Coast Environmental Law, stated in a press release, “Twitter is the perfect medium to raise public awareness about how the law can help protect the environment.”

If you're interested in watching, you can follow @WCELaw and subscribe to the TwtMoot list. Or you can simply check the event page, or search the hashtag #twtmoot on the day of the moot.

I have to say this is kinda amazing. An environmental law argued over Twitter. Even if it is simply a simulation, I'm excited about the possibilities this has for showing how real debates can be held in such a unique platform without spiraling into flame wars. I love seeing technology and social media used in creative ways like this!

World First: Environmental Law Appeal To Be Argued Over Twitter
A "moot court" will be held over Twitter for the first time ever, and students from 5 major Canadian law schools will argue an environmental law.

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