World Energy Use Could Be Reduced 73% By Energy Efficiency Alone


All hail the power of using energy more efficiently! Study after study after study (after study... ... ...) has shown that, along with energy conservation, energy efficiency is probably the most important component of getting a handle on humanity's growing energy use and the environmental damage that currently entails. A new one from the University of Cambridge really lays it bare. Julian Allwood's team found that 73% of global energy use could be saved through energy efficiency improvements.

Some of these are easy and possible today, such as in the building sector, while some of the more radical energy efficiency improvements in vehicle design require bigger changes--Allwood recognizes that ultra-lightweight automobiles will loose out to a Hummer in a crash.

And let's remember that when it comes to personal mobility, the bicycle is probably the most energy efficient vehicle out there...Read more: New Scientist
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