Wooden iPad Speaker is Electricity-Free for Off-Grid Partying

ipad speaker photo

Photos by YellowGlueBlues

So last week we were all over electricity-free iPhone speakers, but let's not forget the latest hot gadget -- the iPad. iPads need some eco-friendly speakers too, and of course talented designers and woodworkers are already on the job.

ipad speaker photo

Lowell and Meghan Miller, aka YellowGlueBlues on Etsy, have come up with a gorgeous design for an electricity-free speaker. The $65-ish speakers are made from walnut, cherry and maple -- however, custom designs are available upon request, including different types of woods for a $10 charge. That means you can request a particularly sustainable type of wood for your speaker dock to be crafted from.

The dock is 2" x 2" x11", which is a great size for a desk or shelf, and is finished with orange oil and wax. They look beautiful, and we love that they require zip-o electricity.

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