With LEDs, Robotics and E-Waste, Biometric Sculptures Pay Homage to Disappearing Fireflies


Images Courtesy of China Blue

If you've lived in a city for a long time, you might be wondering if there are fewer and fewer fireflies every year. If you're young and live in a city, you might be wondering what a firefly is. Both anecdotal and scientific evidence point to declining populations among the species due to the increase in artificial light. This loss is the inspiration for artist China Blue's "Firefly Projects," biometric sculptures made from recycled materials that use sound and light to echo the insects' beauty and fragility.


The Firefly Tree

On display at Rhode Island's Newport Art Museum until September, the five works include "The Firefly Tree," a 7'6" piece made from repurposed architectural forms and power cables, wooden dowels and LED lights. The lights along the "branches" turn on at random, imitating the the way we see fireflies signaling.

The second piece of note is the Firefly 2.0 (top), a "a whimsical skittering artbot that lights up randomly and resembles a firefly."

I suspect the "Firefly Projects" will not appeal to everyone, but I love the way China Blue uses original artwork and repurposed materials to send a nature-friendly message.

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