WiserEarth Members Create OpenWiser For Ultimate Green Networking

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WiserEarth users have taken it upon themselves to spread the word about green social networking by launching a campaign to help create opensource software that will make the resources found on WiserEarth viewable any website. It's an effort that will help more people and organizations connect with each other to do good green work. From Peggy Duvette, Executive Director of WiserEarth:
Recently, members of WiserEarth launched a fundraising campaign called OpenWiser to make the rich information on WiserEarth accessible to an even wider audience. Community leaders Leif Utne and Jon Warnow appealed to a broad group of organizations and people to collectively fund the development of WiserEarth's "API" or Application Program Interface, which will allow organizations around the world to access and display WiserEarth's organizations, resources, events, and jobs through their own websites. The "OpenWiser" project hit the ground running, convening an all-star group of organizations and raising almost $5,000 in just a week.

By being able to access WiserEarth's database on other websites, the social networking potential could spread rapidly, helping non-profits, organizations, and people connect for green efforts, effortlessly. Very cool project.

WiserEarth itself is something to look into if you haven't already. It's like the green lovechild of Facebook and LinkedIn. Having this kind of connectivity for eco-efforts is a big deal, and seeing users so eager to make it more readily available to everyone is encouraging.

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