Winners of Cleantech Open 2011 Announced

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The Cleantech Open has announced this year's winners -- the start-up companies that may one day soon take over in the cleantech sector. It is an exciting event every year to see where the best minds are putting their energies and get a glimpse at how our world may change in the near future. It's also exciting for the companies involved as they're competing to earn some serious cash and connections to get their business off the ground.

This year's winners include:

2011 National Grand Prize Winner: Atmosphere Recovery
This company is focused in the Renewable Energy category and it makes laser-based gas analyzer systems for efficient manufacturing and advanced energy process control.

2011 Alumni Award winner (those who have made the most progress in the year since the last competition):Energy Hub, which raised $14.5M in Series B financing in 2011 and has created 30 jobs; and Power Assure, which this year raised $13.5M in Series B financing and has created 43 jobs.

2011 National Sustainability Award winner: Indow Windows for its excellent alignment of business goals with an overall sustainability strategy.

A big congratulation to these winners, and more, and to everyone who participated in this year's competition.

Winners of Cleantech Open 2011 Announced
This year's winners are as impressive as ever, and the grand prize goes to a smart idea in energy technology.

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