Wind Turbines Today Produce 300X the Power as Those Made 15 Years Ago


Photo credit: jiazi via Flickr/CC BY-SA

Wind power technology -- like solar, hydro, even nuclear -- is behind the times. As this report from the New York Times notes, "experts say that vast improvements in wind technology still lie ahead -- which makes sense for an industry that is about 100 years behind, say, that of the automobile."

Indeed! Cleantech has idled on the sidelines for too long -- which is why we can expect great improvements in technology in the near future (though perhaps not as great or as fast as some optimistic observers of Moore's law might insist).

Here's the Times again: "The turbines have grown larger, and more effective. One model made today by Vestas, a Danish turbine manufacturer, can produce 300 times as much power as a turbine sold 15 years ago, according to Finn Strom Madsen, the president of technology research and development for Vestas."

The lesson?

Good things lie ahead, so let's keep on pushing -- and keep working to level the playing field between renewables and fossil fuels.

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