Wind Turbines are Best Sellers

Wind turbines have become the top-selling item at B&Q; (the British equivalent to Home Depot) weeks after they first went on sale. In the wake of the Stern report, and concerns about "green" taxes being imposed, home owners are rushing to buy them at £1,498 ($2,840 U.S.) a pop. They have also started selling seven different kinds of solar panels for tile and slate roofs. Some are used to heat water whilst others generate electricity. The store will also help with applying for planning permission, grant applications and advise on suitability. The turbines will generate up to 1KW of electricity. The reasons are manifold: subisidies are being offered by the government, high energy bills and the cachet of having one. Next year the store intends to offer products to recycle "grey water" from washing up for use in the garden. :: Financial Times