Wind Turbine Deal Sets Industry Record

Wind Turbines in Spain

photo by Elena Romera

If you've been keeping tracking of firsts in the wind industry recently there seem to be a lot of them, mostly having to do with size of wind farms. Well, here's one from the business side you can mark on your tally sheet: biggest turbine supply contract.

Spanish renewables firm Iberdrola has announced that it has signed a supply deal with turbine manufacturer Gamesa worth €6.3 billion.
What does €6.3 billion buy you? That princely sum covers the installation, turbine startup, operational services and maintenance, of 4,500 MW of wind capacity. Location specifics have not yet determined (or at least not divulged) beyond being in Europe, the United States and Mexico.

Iberdrola and Gamesa have also announced that they will be forming a new venture to "promote, develop and exploit wind farms in Spain and continental Europe," according to :: Cleantech.

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