Wind-Solar Combo Light Challenges All-Solar

savwatt ecopole image© SavWatt

SavWatt, the company that makes an LED street light that combines wind and solar power, is kicking a little sand in the face of a competitor. The company put out word that one of its Eco-Pole units will be installed at Fort Knox, and said, more or less, that it was needed because the solar lights from a competitor that are currently at the location aren't up to the job.

SavWatt said the Eco-Pole would go up “between approximately five of the current Visionaire LED solar light poles,” and added: “Since we do not always have sunny days many times these Luminare (sic) streetlights lose charge due to their reliance on sunlight. We are confident that the addition of the Eco-Pole's wind turbine will answer this deficiency and provide a reliable and consistent solution Fort Knox is looking for.” Oh, snap!

SavWatt, which bills itself as the “leader of the LED green lighting revolution,” calls the Eco-Pole an “energy efficient, self energized, free-standing 60 Watt LED outdoor lighting system that is powered by a patent pending wind turbine and solar panel.”

The company says the Eco-Pole can stand in place of “traditional, inefficient” 250-watt metal halide outdoor lights “to totally eliminate energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint.” We reported on SavWatt when the company introduced its 60-watt LED unit in October 2010.

Wind-Solar Combo Light Challenges All-Solar
This new design from SavWatt wants to take the lead in an "LED green lighting revolution."

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