Why We Fight, Suzuki Version

The only reason we bother writing at TreeHugger is because we believe that what we do has a positive effect and that all is not lost. Tyler Hamilton has written a brilliant post on his blog about Al Gore's comments on the Canadian government's green plan, but what stood out was the story that David Suzuki told him at a conference earlier this month:

"My daugher Severn is 27 years old, and she's been an environmental activist ever since she was seven years old. A few months ago she said to me, 'Dad, I think this is the most exciting time to be alive in all of human history.' She said this is the moment, in the following months and a few years, we are going to have to make some big decisions. Because if we make the right decisions, or if we fail to make the decisions, it's going to determine the fate, not only of all human kind, but of countless species of plants and animals. This is the defining moment, she said, when we will decide whether or not we're going to be a spectacular Flash in the Pan failure, or whether we can step up to the plate and show that we are capable of finding humility, compassion, patience and wisdom to truly find a sustainable path. As I reflected on her comment, I've come to the conclusion she's absolutely right."

Words fail me. ::Clean Break