Why Not Add Wind Turbines to the Queensboro Bridge in NY?

Some people find wind turbines ugly, others say they kill birds (read more about that myth here and here), but New York based artist Andrea Polli likes them so much, she wants to see some on top of Queensboro Bridge. She believes that integrating clean, renewable wind power can enhance the beauty of a city and suggests combining the landmark architecture of one of New York’s bridges, with wind power.Paul Hawken, author of Natural Capitalism, is definitely on her side, describing the project like this:

The Queensboro Bridge is a beautiful artifact of the industrial age and this project represents the transition that can and must be made from the industrial age, dependent on fossil fuels, to an industrial era that lives off of solar income...wind is solar energy too, and all sustainability is about getting the income to expense ratio on solar income to something that can be sustained by living systems.

This seems a simple enough idea, that, if put in practice, could set a great example for really integrating wind power into our cities.

As seen at Eyebeam in NYC, alongside Drinkpee. ::Queensbridge Wind Power Project

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