Who Says The Climate's Not Changing?


Two local blogs show two very different views of people using Toronto's waterfront. A hundred years ago, the biggest winter sport in town was iceboating; Torontoist shows wonderful pictures spanning 50 years of the sport.

"For over one hundred years the glistening varnished bodies, black-enamelled skates, gleaming white sails and many-coloured flags flying from the stays and yards was an unforgettable sight against the blue ice and dazzling snow."

Over at BlogTO, they show waterfront activities from two days ago:


Polar Bear Dip" by Georgie grrl, via the blogTO Flickr pool.

Oh, but I forgot, that's why it's now called Anthropogenic Global Warming, because one can't deny it is happening, it's just caused by sunspots, not humans. Sorry.

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