Who Buried the Telectroscope All These Years?


New Yorkers and Londoners are agog about the discovery of the Telectroscope, which connects the Cities with a "device for the suppression of absence".

The tunnel was apparently conceived by Paul St. George's great-grandfather during a rough sea voyage to look at the Brooklyn Bridge in 1884. His first idea was to build a tunnel for people, but in the end decided that one could travel without moving if one could see all the way to New York without having to leave London. Of course he had no idea of the resources and energy that such a device would save. And all these years, this incredible feat of engineering was hidden beneath our feet.


Imagine how much fuel would have been saved if this had been rediscovered earlier, all of the transatlantic flights that would have been unnecessary. George Monbiot could have parked himself at one end and never have had to write "Flying is dying."


Londoners inspired by this demonstration of low energy travel are taking up cycling in droves.


Perhaps someday people everywhere will be able to be visually connected across great distances. We hope there will be an investigation into why information about this was suppressed for over a hundred years, surely the automobile, airplane and shipping interests had incentives to keep it hidden. Were Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller and the Wright Brothers in collusion? Are Exxon and General Motors at it again? Inquiring minds want to know. ::the Telectroscope via ::PSFK

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