What's Next in Wind Power Tech (Video)


This is an entry in my series on Denmark's myriad efforts in the climate and clean energy arena, and why they seem to work. I'm trying to find out if Denmark-ifying societies around the world might stop climate change ...Photo credit: jiazi via Flickr/CC BY-SA
Wind power has been Denmark's forte for nearly 40 years now, and their investment in the industry has paid off: The nation gets 20% of its power from wind, plans on doubling that within the decade, and is home to the world's largest turbine manufacturer (Vestas). As such, research labs in Denmark are always working on ways to improve the technology. Yesterday, I visited Riso DTU, Denmark's National Lab for Sustainable Energy, and its senior advisor told me what the future of wind power technology holds. Watch:

That's right -- chief on the agenda for further developing wind power technology is developing turbine blades that flap like airplane wings, drastically increasing the size of the units (so that each one might have a capacity of 20 MW), and honing a mapping tool that accurately predicts wind patterns over geography.

An easy one for Denmark-ification takeaways: Any respectable industrialized society with an R&D; sector should be pursuing such aims in renewable technologies.

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