What's Bubbling Up at Green Peter?

bubbling up

For the past few weeks, there have been strange happenings afoot at a local recreation area near Albany, OR. Visitors to the popular Green Peter reservoir have reported seeing areas of gurgling, turbulent water and random explosions of debris, all emanating from a single dark, isolated patch in the water — leading some to wonder whether Albany had its own version of the infamous Loch Ness monster.

"We all saw it. We stopped the boat and saw a perfect circle, about 25 feet in diameter. There was some debris coming up. It was really dark, like a black hole," recounted Ben and Mandy Kauffman breathlessly. The two had been camping alongside the reservoir with some friends when they had noticed the unusual occurrences. As it so happened, there was actually a much simpler explanation for what had transpired at Green Peter. Erik Petersen, the local head of the Corps of Engineers, blamed the strange events on a natural phenomenon: geothermal eruptions. "Green Peter is in proximity to several hot springs. It's probably some release of either warm water or gas. It definitely appears to be geothermal. We're keeping an eye on Green Peter, we're very interested in what's going on," he explained. The gurgling and eruptions are most likely the result of organic material on the bottom of the reservoir being dislodged by the geothermal eruptions, he added.

So no Loch Ness monster. With any luck, however, they may be able to harvest some of that geothermal energy and put it to good use.

Via ::Albany Democrat-Herald: Green Peter mystery: What's gurgling up? (newspaper)

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