What It Looks Like To Orbit The Earth From The International Space Station (Video)

earth image

Image via video screengrab

Every wonder what it feels like to be in the International Space Station and watch the planet as you orbit around it? This incredibly cool video is a time-lapse taken from the ISS, and gives you an idea about how amazing our planet looks from high above (or rather, far away).

As noted on the YouTube page, "This movie begins over the Pacific Ocean and continues over North and South America before entering daylight near Antarctica. Visible cities, countries and landmarks include (in order) Vancouver Island, Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, San Fransisco, Los Angeles. Phoenix. Multiple cities in Texas, New Mexico and Mexico. Mexico City, the Gulf of Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Lightning in the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Panama, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and the Amazon. Also visible is the earths ionosphere (thin yellow line) and the stars of our galaxy."

The data for the video was gathered from The Gateway To Astronaut Photography of Earth.

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