Weird Solar Device of the Day: Solar Powered Garden Insect Theatre

solar insect theater image

Image via ecotopia

If you need some front porch evening entertainment but aren't into the cruelty of the traditional bug zapper, you can try the solar powered Garden Insect Theater. Like the bug zapper, it draws insects in at night with its bright light. But unlike the bug zapper, it won't electrify them. Instead, when the insects fly in to get closer to the light, you can watch them flutter around for awhile until they find their way out though the holes in the side. Odd? Uh huh.

Worth £29.45. Eehhhh....

It tries to be green, though. It's made from FSC timber, uses solar power for the lighting, and the bottom shelf has several Solitary Bee nesting holes.

The only thing we can think of that would justify this existing is if it is used as an educational tool for kids to show them the insects that live in their backyards. After all, teaching kids about nature makes them more likely to grow up with environmentalist sensibilities.

Via ubergizmo
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