Weird Solar Device of the Day: Solar Powered Dragonfly Lawn Ornaments (Video)

Solar lawn ornaments. They're not a new thing - there are solar powered frogs that riiiibbit when someone approaches your door, for example. But despite their established presence in the market place, they're no less strange. These, however, take it to a new level - solar powered dragonflies that attempt to make life-like wing movements using the energy gathered from the sun. Check out how they work in the video after the jump.Coolest Gadgets writes that these ornaments have textured wings that help them look a little more realistic as they flutter. They require some assembly, but it's all parts that snap or screw into place - no glue needed.

So, as climate change and habitat destruction wipe out actual dragonflies from your yard, you can replace them with these...

They're rather expensive, priced at $34 at Amazon, but if you have to set your lawn ornaments apart from your neighbors and freak out any visiting dragonflies, this is the way to do it.

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