Weird Solar Device of the Day: Solar Powered Bluetooth Headset

solar bluetooth device image

Image via iTech Dynamic

Okay, so it isn't exactly weird, but it certainly falls into the list of random gadgety places we see solar cells being applied. It's the iTech Dynamic SolarVoice 908 Bluetooth headset, and it claims to have "infinite standby time under sunlight."The "infinite standby time under sunlight" seems a little obvious, considering it's charging when under sunlight, but they apparently wanted to make that really clear.

While it's still unlikely that someone is going to want to set this device in the sunlight for any extended period of time, it does sound perfect for people who can't bear to part with their cyborg components while enjoying a stroll in the park.

The SolarVoice 908 is available at for $66.15. or (of course) at the Skymall.

Via the Gadgeteer
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