The Week in Cleantech: X-Ray Power for Gadgets, A Bullish Cleantech Market, Energy Apps and More

Top stories on our radar this week in the world of clean tech.


SparkFun Electronics Travels to the USA Science and Engineering Festival to Host Electronics Workshops for Kids "We believe in revitalizing the imagination of today's youth through tinkering and playing with electronics," explained Lindsay Levkoff, director of education at SparkFun. "To promote constructivism and exploration in the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields, we are demonstrating that electronics provides a great medium for people to approach these subjects in schools. It provides students with an invaluable hands-on learning experience that not only boosts confidence, but incentivizes them to invent and create for the rest of their lives." -- SparkFun

10 Outdated Gadgets You Can Still Buy Today
"Obsolescence is a measure of tech progress. That's why the gadgets we couldn't imagine living without ten years ago—that old Walkman, your black brick of a beeper, and camera with multiple rolls of film-–are laughably out-of-date today. Yet oddly, some products which ought to be dead and buried are still being actively manufactured and sold as new. Believe it or not, you can still walk or log into a store and buy a new cassette boom box to use for your breakdancing routine." -- Gizmodo

X-rays reveal molecular arrangements for better printable electronics
"By employing powerful X-rays that can see down to the molecular level of organic materials used in printable electronics, researchers are now able to determine why some materials perform better than others. Their findings, published in the journal Nature Materials, could lead to cheaper, more efficient printable electronic devices." -- PysOrg

Clean Tech

E.ON Picks Elster for Smart Meter Rollout "E.ON, one of the largest utilities in the United Kingdom, has chosen Elster for the first phase of its smart meter deployments." - GreenTechMedia

Cell Phones Could Soon See Through Walls
"Terahertz can also be used for imaging to detect cancer tumors, diagnosing disease through breath analysis, and monitoring air toxicity." -- HSNW

Cleantech Businesses Remain Bullish Despite Media Perception
"The 2012 report, entitled “Capturing Opportunity: Cleantech Business Booms Around The World,” suggests businesses within the clean technology sector in 2011 were more optimistic (37% net optimism) compared to 2010 (34%). Meanwhile, all other sectors were less optimistic in 2011 at 22%, compared to 24% in 2010." -- CleanTechnica

Researchers develop a path to liquid solar cells that can be printed onto surfaces
"The solar nanocrystals are about four nanometers in size — meaning you could fit more than 250,000,000,000 on the head of a pin — and float them in a liquid solution, so "like you print a newspaper, you can print solar cells," said Richard L. Brutchey, assistant professor of chemistry at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences." -- PhysOrg

Smart Grid

Telvent Opens Smart Grid Center "Telvent and partner Schneider Elelctric have announced the grand opening of the global Smart Grid IT Competency Center in Novi Sad, Serbia. The Center is designed to accommodate more than 1000 engineering and software professionals working to create future generations of Telvent’s ADMS. In addition to smart grid research and development, the Center will focus on project consultation and implementation." -- SmartMeters

Tendril Takes “Apps Store for Energy” Concept to the Netherlands
"Tendril is making its first foray into Europe, and it’s inviting the world’s app developers to join in. The Boulder, Colo.-based home energy management software startup announced Wednesday that it would work with Dutch retail utility Essent to create an “apps store” of mobile and web browser-based software for the utility’s customers to use, all built by independent developers." -- GreenTechMedia

The Week in Cleantech: X-Ray Power for Gadgets, A Bullish Cleantech Market, Energy Apps and More
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