The Week in Clean Tech: Smart watches, smart water meters, and smart moves for cleantech funding

Water Demand Boosts Smart Water Meter Deployments
"A recent study by Pike Research reports that as demand increases, utilities around the world will face increasing pressure to manage water resources as efficiently as possible making smart water meters a key element of future water systems."

Storify: News and views from VERGE London
"GreenBiz's conference in May focused on the convergence of energy, information, buildings and transportation. Scroll down to read news and Twitter conversation from the event on startups, cities, Microsoft's carbon neutrality, cars and energy -- and a chat with John Elkington and Joel Makower."

A journey through a water cleaning plant in Brazil
"About an hour drive outside of the packed streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and into the sprawling Sorocaba region, GE has quietly been leading the way on clean water technology."

AlertMe’s ‘huge’ UK gas deal: big data for real people
In an announcement on Tuesday, AlertMe — which runs a cloud-based service that monitors and analyzes people’s energy use and gives them detailed feedback — said it had been chosen by British Gas to provide its software to all its customers who have smart meters installed in their homes.

California leads green tech funding, reduces greenhouse emissions
"The 2012 California Green Innovation Index, released by the nonpartisan nonprofit group Next 10 and compiled by Collaborative Economics, shows California setting the pace in U.S. venture capital investment, clean tech patent registration, energy productivity levels, and renewable energy generation levels. Investments in green tech companies based in California rose 24 percent, to $3.5 billion, from 2010 to 2011."

Rethinking the Role of Government in Cleantech
"Lobbyists and vendors in the U.S. are once again singing the blues, calling for continued and expanding government investments in clean technology. At the same time, political challengers continue their Solyndra hootenanny, raking the current administration for how it spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. One can’t help but wonder whether it’s time for a different tune when it comes to government involvement in cleantech."

Modify Watch's Low-Tech Business Takeaways From High-Tech Startups
"West Coast business schools are entrepreneurial breeding grounds, but not just for the next hot thing in tech--here's what mix-and-match watch company Modify learned during its launch."

The Week in Clean Tech: Smart watches, smart water meters, and smart moves for cleantech funding
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